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[global network - shoe shoe dynamic] 2011 Lining launched the innovative "Basketball Offensive" series of basketball shoes, to create a new idea of "strong strong theory". The appearance of "offensive and defensive" series of basketball shoes tells Lining the comprehensive research and extreme love of basketball equipment. On behalf of the attack Conquer provides high performance technical support high strength required to match the design idea and the one and only to the players, it will win the victory of desire and determination of the seal body, become a deadly weapon on the field integral.
Conquer boots
Philadelphia 76 people the first grade students Evan Turner as a spokesman for Conquer, through his excellent performance in the game, very good "with strong Li strong" the interpretation of the concept.

Turner's personal version of Conquer player boots used eye-catching red as main color collocation shoe body, a little white and black as embellishment, bring a strong visual impact, while the red shoe body also meant that Evan Turner was born with "kill red eye blood. Irrigation pupil" the "killer" characteristics.

Conquer of the shoe body side of the litchi leather shoes to build, so that the whole texture increased while supporting basketball shoes must also be guaranteed; using the soft leather uppers to build, this pair of Conquer can be easily attached to the feet, the shoes has a good package, for players do more handy.

Conquer designers added rare zipper design to improve the package better, and hidden in the zipper under the laces is to give Conquer a double insurance, can make the wearer more assured to make the perfect action.

to ensure the player to make a breakthrough and change in equal action can be more flexible and smooth, Conquer in bending at the forefoot with special material to build, not only for thin bending, with other materials can not match the flexibility, but also ease the zipper pressure to a certain extent, to avoid the the possibility of excessive force to break the zipper.

comprehensive protection is one of the ankle with a pair of basketball shoes quality evaluation standard, Conquer has the universe in the ankle design, the design is not the same as the inner and outer side reflects the comprehensive study of Lining basketball shoes, with strong elastic material filled in the package under the premise of not losing, can give ankle more space.

Conquer using a more successful triangle of the lateral support from the midsole to the upper, followed by the position of TPU support plate wrapped heel, and then wrapped in the bottom Phylon

Clear (left) and run with a small partner.

"optimism and confidence" is the most important evaluation of Zhang Qing by friends. When she first saw her, her sweet smile could easily make people feel like getting close to her. It was hard to imagine what she had gone through a year ago, and it almost made her lose the driving force.

said the story of Zhang Qing also mentioned her when she was a child. Unlike other girls, from childhood, she was keen on sports, talent and hard work. As a top student, she often represented schools in various sports competitions, and won numerous awards. In high school, she also qualified for the national two level sprinters. But unfortunately, her right ankle soft tissue was seriously contused during the national high school sports meeting, and she was forced to retire and left her with permanent pain. Because it is impossible to re play, she decided to give up the Institute unripe places, preparing for the college entrance examination, enter the university to study law. After graduation, the large state-owned banks, who wish to stay in Chengdu, are engaged in management. Life is not always what we want. At the end of last year, Qingqing was pushed into a low life of her life. It almost destroyed her confidence and spent some time eating and drinking. Until one day, she looked at the bloated body crying in the mirror.
is confident and clear.
's clear mother came from out of town. One day, when he came home from work in Qing Dynasty, he cut an apple and said, "go and run with my mother." It was a coincidence that the place for them to run was the East Lake Park, the place where we were in the Qing Dynasty. She stood in the lake as we remember that scene last year: "run a lap around the lake is about 2.2km, went to the second lap half I run, I was laughing as her mother, I have a bite, even once ran three laps, leg pain even in next two days. Can not wear high-heeled shoes." After all, it was a professional training. A month later, the physical condition of the Qing Dynasty was greatly improved. After feeling the benefits of running, she also encouraged colleagues and friends to join the run.

at the beginning of this year, a friend recommended her to download a called "plump APP" campaign, took her to the park with plump, Jincheng buddies run together. Qingqing found that you had a high enthusiasm for running, but most of them didn't know the importance of stretching before running and after running, but also did not know the running posture and breath adjustment of the way. The heat of the heart will take the initiative and lead you to the scientific movement. She and friends more and more participation, run quickly, run the team to more than 400 people, the company also plump every week sponsored some sports equipment (such as fat scale, smart bracelet, heart rate belt, mobile phone bag, purse, scarf, arm), and that here is the origin of plump run group so, it has become famous in the first race run plump regiment. At present, plump APP "cleared about running" fans have thousands of people, it will often be running when running friends recognized, but it looked very pale, she said: "at first I just put those who love life, love sports friends together, because many people do not understand the prohibitive.

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