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"March does not lose weight, April apprentice sad, May apprentice sad..." Look at the summer is getting closer and closer, want to lose weight of the partners are thin? Recently, in order to lose weight, a female white-collar in Wuhan has made a hard weight loss plan, and the result is... It's a tragedy.

's excessive exercise induced hematuria, unable to walk

1 months ago, the 26 year old lady of Wuhan began to exercise to lose weight. Because of the weight gain in winter, Ms. Ma also did enough exercise, and kept running for one or two hours every day, and began to lose weight as well. Therefore, she began to increase her exercise volume and run for more than three hours every day. But just a few days ago, Miss Ma suddenly felt pain in her feet. After getting up, she had blood in her urine and was diagnosed as rhabdomyolysis syndrome when she got to the hospital. Coincidentally, in April 24th, the Changsha Ms. fan participated in the training, bite the breath for more than 700 squats, although win everyone have to point praise, but then she felt lumbago, after a few days, unable to walk to the hospital, Ms. fan has been diagnosed as rhabdomyolysis syndrome".

what is "rhabdomyolysis syndrome"?

, in fact, striated muscle is our skeletal muscle. Lysis is due to the destruction of striated muscle, mainly due to local muscle necrosis, pain and fever, as well as poisoning caused by muscle dissolution. 1/3 of the patients also have kidney disease.
Why does
suffer from "rhabdomyolysis"

experts recommend that excessive exercise, heavy muscle squeezing and some other drugs can lead to rhabdomyolysis. Like Ms. Ma and Ms. fan, the intensity of exercise is too large, which is beyond the scope of their own body, which leads to the rupture and dissolution of skeletal muscle, and a large number of myoglobin into the blood.

generally speaking, you could have been able to bear 60 pounds of weight, but not to carry the weight of 80 pounds, which caused the destruction of the rhabdomyid muscle. Marathon athletes rarely have "rhabdomyolysis", because they are usually gradual and able to endure.

notice! The following cases are easy to suffer from "rhabdomyolysis syndrome"

1, middle-aged and above, hyperlipidemia, eat his diced drugs and increase the exercise, the risk will increase;

2, some women choose diet, do not eat, the body is relatively weak, the risk will increase,
3, high temperature in the summer, high oxygen consumption, easy to sweat, muscle more easy to damage.
recognise "rhabdomyolysis syndrome"

actually in the ordinary life, we sometimes do a lot of work, feel the muscle is a bit sour, may be the dissolving of the rhabdomyus muscle. But this is the human body itself can be adjusted to recover. The prevention of rhabdomyolysis, the key is reasonable exercise, do.

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