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running in a strange place, found a long time moved, no fetters, no constraints - wear running shoes, take yourself, take steps, light as wing movement, want to run and run, the best running feeling is nothing more than this.

from generation to generation, unchanged initial heart. With runners for 11 years in the Li Ningchao light usher in a new family members of the twelfth family, Twelfth generation of ultra lightweight running shoes, for the love of running to relieve you of bondage and bring pressure, cool and light, make you want to run.

the soul of a pair of running shoes is its design inspiration. The 12 generation of ultra light essence from the butterfly "Butterfly" and "chair" in the Ming Dynasty style furniture, the nature of the "cultural China extraordinary as if done by the spirits" and "simplified" skillfully applied to the design of shoes, to bring consumers a pair of very Chinese wisdom ultra lightweight running shoes.

"light" is the purpose of the same design Li Ningchao light, ultra light 12 generation light shoes heritage of the Li Ningchao family has always been "lightweight" characteristics, in the structure of the whole shoe designer, under the foot work, the "light" concept throughout. Designer inspired from "Butterfly" structure, in the transmission of light elegant feeling at the same time, the whole shoe space is effectively segmented by using modern science "voronoy" algorithm. In the premise of ensuring the "light" and "necessary" of support, in the 12 generation of ultra light thermal coating uppers and lining layer shrinkage pressure followed by foam and material handling done hollow structure, a hollow lightweight design and corresponding directly, effectively reduce the weight of the shoe, but also provide support protection the most comfortable and breathable effect.

is particularly worth mentioning, to strengthen the structure of the 12 generation of ultra light source of inspiration between the sole and the vamp in Chinese "chair" - Ming style furniture chair back and handrails on both sides of the integrated structure, the stable and comfortable characteristics even today is reasonable and advanced. The 12 generation of ultra light bottom arch using lightweight high strength PA12 (lightweight rigid nylon) as support, TPU support and extends back and help the heel of the face as a whole, the structure of ultra light 12 generation provides a stable, heel vamp tightening and arch support three functional elements, structure a pair of shoes, the most stable and most stable to light and with a minimalist style, make the runner in the experience of running light feeling at the same time, also feel more stable and comfortable.

in addition to "butterfly wing" and "Ming chair" design, super light 12 generation in other aspects also outstanding performance, to meet the needs of runners in many aspects. Ultra light 12 generation, inherit the 11 generation of "Cool Shell" light cool breathable technology, solve the problem of temperature rise in shoes in all aspects. The shoe heel "voronoy" unique hollow structure, and the tongue, the shoe body formed 360 ventilation structure, a full range of air cooling system, the efficient cooling effect. The inside of the running shoes is made of ice fabric with mica structure, which can effectively control the inner temperature. By contrast, under the same conditions, ice yarn than >

Manchester · Kaul won the gold medal;
What can
centenarians do? Run�� This answer is a little bit paediatric! In the American Masters Games, from India's 100 year old man · Kaul more performance won the audience's heart.

at the American Masters Games held last weekend, the nearly 101 year old man from India won the gold medal of women's over 80 years old discus, shot and javelin. It also played a good role in 100m, 200m and 400m. 100m also ran 21 seconds 57. You know, she started running at the age of 93 when she listened to her son's advice.

was a surprise to all the reporters! Even more astonishing, between the shot and the javelin, the old man made up the push up in public. And the video quickly exploded on the Internet.
The presence of a
reporter wrote in his social media: "in the past two days, see this woman do push ups, and until the end point in non sprint in pole vault and sleep in the field, I finally meet see miracle forever happy. All because of India's Manchester · Kaul. At the age group over 80, she won the gold medal at 4.67M, followed by 100m, 200m and 400m. When I asked her what she had, she laughed, shrugged her shoulders and pointed to my recorder. I laughed and asked her if she had tried it - she did not, but I told her that it would be different tomorrow. Cowell people around her youngest son, he also participated in 70 above the level of the game. What a perfect family life! "

today, Mann · Kaul old man has been held around the world masters Championships won 20 gold medals.
event provides a World Masters tournament for athletes aged 30 and above in the Americas. Canada's most famous runner ed · Rock and Whitby did not participate in the competition in Vancouver.

also gave birth to a world record on the 4*800m project on Monday. In the women's 40 - year - old 4*800m relay race, the Canadian team of stars ran out of 9 points, 16 seconds, 91, and increased the original world record by 2 seconds.
The track and field part of the
American Masters Games began in August 27th local time, and the half marathon at 7 a.m. on August 31st was over.
pays attention to Sina running, and all you want is here
(Sina running moonlight)

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