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from the two brands, the British cloth maker Liberty, and sports brand Nike cross-border integration, in this season still can see the special fabric design is Liberty's masterpiece classic shoes design, combined with Nike, to create a "Lotus Jazz" series of shoes, including Nike Air, Force 1, the Blazer Mid and Dunk Skinny High shoes, the cloth is from Liberty 1965 design works. 2012-7-19 08:26 upload and download attachments (67.09 KB) small emperor's sixth signature shoes. It is not difficult to see from the picture design is more concise. The white area should still continue to design 4,5 generation using Foam material. Because the picture is more than 1 months ago, now Sample shoes out because of the 1-2 version. Then there will be little shoes different. No release date or price

How to find a suitable running group

sina sports news, many runners are facing a problem: no friends and family are running around, they are always running alone, looking at all kinds of technical posts on the Internet, thinking about running posture and buying all kinds of running equipment, and feel very lonely.

actually, the world's runners will encounter this problem, even in countries that are already well developed. There is always no team rookie struggling alone.
As the
saying goes, there is only a surprise, no can't do it. The running group is everywhere, but maybe you don't try to find it. But some people have this worry: Laoniao must run the regiment run faster than me, people will not do I ah?

recently, a netizen in America to NCAA famous coach Hilary · Jijiaer a question: if I don't have enough speed and a local running club running together, how can I join a running group?

Hilary's answer may be able to dispel many of the doubts that have this question: "are you sure you are not fast enough?" In fact, most local running clubs do not have speed requirements. They welcome all the runners of all levels. Dare to ask the other person what kind of training will be provided for the runners or the slower runners. "

Hilary added: "of course, if you think the club is really not suitable, you can also talk with your boss in the running shop near your home. Because the store may organize training or competition. Even if they don't, the boss is likely to know the running groups in the neighborhood of your home. If these are not, you can also use social media to organize groups to run. "

these answers may not necessarily all be applicable to our runfriends, but the last point will apply to us.

is now popular around the world. There are many online recruitment posts, including forums, micro-blog, circle of friends, and all kinds of running App. There are many ways that you can find runners. Don't hesitate, put down your cowardice and run.
The important thing for
is never to give up! The establishment of friendship is the decisive key to perseverance. The perfect running group is there waiting for you to join, or to build it!

(Sina running moonlight)

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