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Li Maoda: " " a running life.

the gun, rain on the Chengdu City Sports Center on the runway, Li Maoda in the two general sprint to the front go by like the wind. In a flash ahead of the finish line, a new T42 - level national record of 200 meters was shown on the big screen. Li Maoda was also relieved, and at last he did not regret the one - time Paralympic Games, and all this was to be said from the 13 day competition.

"I must stand at the end"

three days ago, is also in this field on the Ninth National Paralympic Games and the sixth Special Olympics track and field competition kicks off in the men's 100 metres final T42 raged, the audience suddenly issued exclaimed, Li Maoda fired after the departure of the right leg prosthesis is accidentally detached, fell heavily to the ground, legs also far throwing aside.
ran out of thirty meters of prosthetic valve sealing system suddenly failed, never before this, again to get rid of the prosthetic force," Li Maoda recalls the tone full of regret. "The one hundred meters can run for more than 13 seconds."

but the next scene let the audience amazed again, Li Maoda struggled up, picked up the leg, with the foot jump to the end point game!

"do not think so much, although the results are not, but I must stand at the end of the end." Compared to the two days of news video or dynamic map of the netizen's exclamation and moving, Li Mao himself appears to be somewhat calm, "can not be halt."

in the fall, the man from Shandong also show their caring side, "was like, don't block the family game," he looked around the opponent, he got up and picked up a prosthesis, continue to move forward in their own tracks.

"found the shadow of your own before"
After the
200 - meter race, Li Maoda had no regrets for the trip. For running, Li Maoda has a natural confidence and an innate love.
An accident of
in 2009 he had to temporarily give up running, in March of that year, the dredger operation project Li Mao due to improper command by the machine accident. Injured right leg, side leg from empty.

but years of engineering career let Li Maoda have the physique, the installation of prostheses doctors also lamented his good physical fitness, in 2012, Li Maoda entered a provincial team, began practicing wheelchair fencing. But it was not his heart.

"Lianwan wanted to walk down, do not want to be confined to a wheelchair," said Li Maoda, a year later, his first contact with the motion type prosthesis, Shandong team also began training. In the end he chose to follow his heart, return to his hometown, and set foot on the track and field.

"I had been trying to run a run for a long time." Li Maoda said, running, like re finding his own leg, can run unfettered.

Run group logo

run group name

City footprints of urban runners

set up time


member size


active area


run group slogan

have you, I, I believe I must do! let you run and run with your love run!

running group introduces

we are hiking in the city and running at night. We love the city we live in and we have to live a healthy
main event

2015 Chongqing marathon combitech elite group best of 334 men, women 350 2015 Jiangjin "Construction Bank Cup" mountaineering men and women's group third

2015 Beijing marathon, Wyatt laps north line horse marathon man best 314 women 317

co - operated with Sina in 2015 to combine the 20 national running groups to shoot the Winter Olympics video

running group influence

A, offline activities 4 per week, each time about 200, Monday, Thursday City hiking, Wednesday, Saturday city night running;

B, online influence, Sina micro-blog plus V; Sohu from the media, QQ group of about 3000 people, WeChat group of about 100 people.

report case
The head of the
was interviewed by the Chongqing evening news for

in the future
, in a rich form of activity, leads people to love running, running, running to health, and running to a better self.

participated in the Sina run group selection:

2015 run the annual event of China's annual event for a thermal attack on the running regiment and so on, you sign up for

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